Flying In the United Arab Emirates

In case you didn’t note yet, the UAE is located right at the heart of the map of the world. This makes it the best layover destination for many intercontinental flights, especially that cross east to west and vice versa. Knowing this, you can safely assume that their airport gets a good amount of traffic on a daily basis. Below is a lineup of the four commercial airlines of UAE that service millions of their nationals and billions of tourists across the globe:


This is the oldest existing airline in the country and also perhaps the most popular one. Read the rest

What Are Popular Attractions in UAE?

What’s there to do in UAE,” you may ask. Sure there may be a lot of scenic places you can visit, just like any other country which has its own attractions, but if you’re worried about getting bored, you may have to check out what activities you can enjoy during your trip or a long holiday. If you’re thinking about going to the UAE and want to get the most of it, you would be pleased to know that there are actually several activities you can do with friends, family, or even just by yourself to keep everyone Read the rest

UAE Infrastructures and Skyscrapers You Just Shouldn’t Miss

If there is one thing that the UAE is positively known for, it is luxurious and exquisite infrastructure. These famous landmarks reflect the beauty and bounty of the lifestyle of the country. If you ever come to this beautiful place and want to see these giants for yourselves, below is a list of our top picks:

Burj Khalifa

Who else doesn’t know of the Burj Khalifa? It holds the record for being the tallest structure in the world at almost eight hundred and thirty meters. It comprises a total of a hundred and sixty stories with an overlooking viewing deck, Read the rest

UAE’s Wonderful Nature Spots

If you think about the United Arab Emirates, you might be imagining vast deserts, camels, scant oases, and large towering buildings and man made infrastructures. What you would not probably imagine is lush greens and other natural attractions that are actually very much vibrant in this country.

One excellent example is the Dubai Miracle Garden. It has been trending online for some time now because of its luscious greenery and vibrant flowers surrounding the entire garden. This flower garden is found in Dubaiand, Dubai and debuted on Valentine’s Day of 2013. It truly takes flower gardening to the highest Read the rest

What Makes UAE One of the Best Countries to Live In?

Below are a few things that make the UAE an excellent place to live:        

If you want sun all year round, you could not possibly get better than the UAE. It is almost always bright and sunny all day every day, which is why its beaches are not only a summer getaway but an everyday escapade for the whole family. The skies are almost always clear, the weather perfectly warm, and the beaches wonderfully inviting.

It’s technically literally right in the middle of the world, if you look at it from a map’s perspective. That means that whatever your Read the rest

GITEX Investment Possibilities

GITEX Technology Week in Dubai event is an excellent chance for local entrepreneurs and others in the UAE technology industry to network with successful innovators and investors worldwide. Dubai officials see this as both an investment opportunity for economic growth and a chance to cement their local entrepreneurial population into the international market, allowing them the chance to learn from those that have already succeeded at marketing internationally. In addition to networking, local entrepreneurs will have the chance at GITEX to market their digital products to companies that will be able to utilize such technologies on a massive, global scale, Read the rest

Qatar blocked from other countires

US is Mystified over United Arab Emirate Boycott of Qatar

The US state department is unsure as to why the UAE has decided to Boycott Qatar and put a fence between the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Could this be a political agenda? Could this be based upon knowledge the US does not have? We are unsure at this time what are the true motives behind the United Arab Emirates blockaded of Qatar. It seems as if the UAE has done this as a strategic move as they are saying that have had concerns about Qatar’s alleged support of terrorism in the region. There is no definitive information showing that … Read the rest

UAE Is Peaceful

Since traveling to this country, I have noticed much about the geography, landscape, culture and food. One thing that I realized only after arriving four months ago is the amount of peace that roams the streets. There aren’t protestors screaming at pedestrians or authority beaming down with fear. The low homicide rate in UAE is pretty unbelievable, 1.3 out of 5. That’s crazy! My friend who first traveled here and inspired me to come here for a few months told me how beautiful the country was, but never described the pleasantness of the people.

I met a woman who has … Read the rest

I Believe…

I believe in writing. Ever since I learned to read, I wrote novels, plays, and even some musical scores. I believe that writing is a therapeutic essence that cannot be found elsewhere. The paper and pencil were my best friends when I was younger. I kept a journal for my daily activities and thoughts hidden behind my bookshelf in my room. In those journals I would write my inner most thoughts/feelings or just what happened at school that day.I had great friends and experienced professionals that helped me deal with the ongoing stress. Sometimes the pages would even be filled … Read the rest

UAE Schools

New Student Regulations – May Allow Students Easier Access to Work!

All is not lost for a student attempting to take advantage of the UAE’s often top-notch universities, however. Recently, a regulation was introduced to allow students in several of Dubai’s international campuses to legally work for one of thousands of companies in several of the city’s free zone clusters, enabling students to gain experience and mitigate the cost of their university attendance by working in one of several creatively driven industries. While this regulation does not encompass the entirety of the United Arab Emirates’ immigrant students, modifying the law in Dubai accommodates a huge portion of this population. This regulation Read the rest